NCP supplies new grinding mills up to 20MW and spares for your existing mills (any brand).

Girth Gears

NCP has the capability to supply new girth gears up to 18mØ, 1500mm face width. If no drawings exist we will reengineer your existing gear, and deliver an identical girth gear to your site. We pride ourselves on optimizing delivery timing on new girth gears and can offer delivery times ranging from 20-46 weeks dependant on gear size.

Pinions and Pinion Shaft Assemblies

NCP supply pinion gears or complete pinion shaft assemblies. These gears are supplied as case carburized or through hardened with an AGMA 9 to 12 surface finish as per the client’s requirements. On site measurement will verify dimensions to ensure that the gears supplied are fit for purpose. NCP also offers in-house gear design services should the client consider changing the existing mill’s application, operating speeds, loading or installed power.

Main Trunnion Bearing Spares

NCP offers new lead bronze bearing inserts, or other bearing spares as required. We also assist with on site bearing inspections, and wear item replacement (eg. seals, strainers, etc). Our leaded bronze inserts are of the highest spin cast quality with quickest delivery timing.

Mill Wear Liners

We supply competitive prices for new mill liners, and also supply new Chromoly and Hi chrome wear lining systems. Our teams can install supplied liners as per the clients prerogative. We also incorporate a design office that offers DEM and charged Trajectory Analysis. In this way we optimize existing liner designs and improve your grinding efficiency.


NCP offers new shell supply if required. Imported or local manufacture of shells, heads and girth gears can be expedited to ensure that delivery times are kept to a minimum.

Lube System Upgrades

Poor lubrication through outdated initial lubrication system design, or supply is the leading cause of bearing failure on mills. NCP offers design reviews of existing lubrication systems installed at your plant. We offer new optimized, and proven lubrication systems, which will increase your mill’s availability and annual production. Systems offered include main trunnion bearing lube systems, gearbox and pinion bearing lube systems as well as gear spray grease lube systems.


New gearboxes are designed and supplied to specifically match existing site dimensional constraints. We have excellent working relationships with many OEM brands and offer excellent delivery times with an engineered solution to minimize risk to the client.


New motors matching your existing site dimensional constraints can be supplied as operating units or as critical spares. All motor FAT’s are witnessed by our experienced site / design personnel and signed off prior to dispatch.


Spare heads can be manufactured or existing heads can be refurbished / re engineered. NCP offers the best turnaround times.

Instrumentation Upgrades

NCP offers a technical review of your current mill protection levels and recommendations on instrumentation and control philosophy upgrades. Please request that an engineer visit your plant.