Design Expertise

Process Design

  • NCP utilize modified Bond Theory incl proven Service factors established from our extensive experience for Ball Mill Sizing.
  • SAG/AG mills are sized using a hybrid model including published information from Barrett, Austen & Morrell.
  • NCP has recently implemented a Specific Energy / Breakage Distribution model for SAG Mill sizing.
  • This model offers more circuit detail (e.g. PFD’s, PSDs, Mass Balance, Stream products) & covers the full comminution plant (crushing,/screening/milling/classification).

Mechanical Design

  • FEA completed with a 3-dimensional Structural Finite Element package integrated to our 3D Modeling Package.
  • Mill structures are sufficiently designed for max load in accordance with AAC323001
  • Design incorporates Casting Simulations Fatigue Analysis in accordance with BS7608 Fluid Film Analysis with outputs integrated into FEA stress predictions
  • Gearbox Design submitted for NCP Review to AGMA 2001.C95 NCP Specification SF > 2.3
  • Bearing life L10basic >52,000hrs.
  • NCP Specification stipulates Couplings SF > 2.0
  • Open Gearing designed to AGMA 321.05 / 6014
  • (Str. f >2.50, Dura f >1.75)

E & I Design

  • Drive Train Torsional Analysis – Harmonic Resonance
  • Electrical, Instrumentation & Control System Design
  • VSD Specialist Sub-Contractor Management
  • Main Drive Motor Design Review & Contractor Management
  • Induced Torque Spike Design Review
  • Drive Train Torsional Analysis PLC
  • Design & Implementation
  • E&I Interface Management