Base Metals Project South America Complete Comminution circuit designed and supplied to Base Metals mine in South America, including Complete C140 Primary Crushing Station, Conveyors, Load-Out Station, 3MW SAG Mill, 3.8MW Ball Mill, Ball Loading Station & Scats Crushing Circuit.
LARGE Uranium Project Namibia 36 x 18.5, 13.5MW SAG Mill and 22 x 34, 8.5MW Ball Mill
Gold Project Liberia 17.5 x 23.5, 3.5MW ROM Ball Mill
Platinum Project South Africa 20ft Mill Conversion from Overflow to Grate Discharge.
Gold Project Egypt 28x18ft, 7000kW (Per Pinion) SAG Mill (IES SER Drive)
Gold Project Egypt 20x32ft, 7000kW (Per Pinion) Ball Mill
Copper Project DRC Complete Front End Comminution Plant Project incl a 23x34ft, 9000kW Ball Mill Dual Drive (VVVF Drive)
Tin Project Peru 20x30ft, 6500kW Ball Mill (Single Pinion)
Vanadium Project South Africa 32x14ft, 6000kW SAG Mill (Dual Drive) Spares Project
Gold Project South Africa 26ft Refurbished SAG Mill & 16ft Ball Mill Project
Gold Project Mexico 18x26ft, 5000kW Ball Mill
Copper Project Peru 16x24ft, 3000kW Ball Mill
Platinum Project South Africa 2 of 16x18ft, 2500kW (VVVF Drive)
Gold Project Kazakhstan 6 of 18x24ft, 4500kW Ball Mills
Platinum Project South Africa 20x30ft, 5200kW ROM Ball Mill Project
Gold Project Ghana 2 of Refurbished 16ft, 3200kW Ball Mills Upgrade Project
Gold Project China 16x38ft, 3885kW SAG Mill (Actom SER Drive)

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